Pamela Koide-Hyatt

Tillandsia (T. capitata 'Peach' x fasciculata) x fasciculata v. uncispica

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This is a cross of the natural hybrid from Oaxaca - (T. capitata 'Peach' X fasciculata) X T. fasciculata v. uncispica. The species of T. fasciculata v. uncispica which was used in this cross was previously misidentified (at the time the hybrid was created) as T. buchii, a species from the Dominican Republic, and later changed to T. compressa. 

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1 Review

Ma 9th Jun 2021

Tillandsia (T. capitata 'Peach' x fasciculata) X fasciculata v. uncispica

One of my favorites, very underrated I think. This is a robust grower with great coloring when it blooms.

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