Bird Rock Tropicals started in 1981 as a small back yard nursery in La Jolla, CA. In 1985, we moved to Carlsbad, CA and the nursery grew to include over 2 acres with 15 employees growing landscape material, supplying box stores, interior design companies, etc. In the past, we have grown not only thousands of Tillandsias, but other bromeliads including Aechmeas, Billbergia, Neoregelias, Cryptanthus, Vriesea, etc. In 2007, we moved to Encinitas, CA where we are located today, and downsized to one acre and 3 employees. We have had the fortune of always being within 1-1 1/2 miles of the Pacific Ocean, which has provided us the best climate for growing bromeliads.
The major focus of owner, Pam Koide Hyatt, has been on exploring plants in their natural habitat, which allowed her to grow and introduce into cultivation many plants that had not been available in the market prior to her production. She began hybridizing and growing air plants from seed in 1985. The nursery (which takes its name from a local rock near La Jolla, CA) is now focused on continuing to produce new and unusual tillandsia species and hybrids. 
Pam also spends time lecturing around the world on a number of topics related to bromeliads, with an emphasis on tillandsias, and is now working with Mexico Natures Tours to co-lead Tillandsia Eco-tours in Mexico. Click here if you would like to find out more about our Eco-Tours
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