Most orders are shipped via USPS Prioirity Mail, UPS or FedEx. DHL and Air Cargo is available on request. Domestic orders are billed for shipping charges at time of checkout. Hawaii and International customers see below.

​During the winter months we try to watch the weather conditions and will hold orders when it is cold, until the temperatures have improved. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages once they have been shipped.  You may request a heat pack to be included with your order during cold weather ($3.50 per pack).


  • All orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx. 
  • Actual shipping charges include a $5.00 per box packing and handling fee.
  • Heavier shipments may require additional shipping charges, if so you will be notified prior to shipping.


  • All orders shipped to Hawaii require and import permit issued by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Email a copy of your import permit prior to placing your order.

  • You will be billed $50.00 for the Certificate of Origin which is obtained from our Department of Agriculture prior to shipping.

  • Once your order is ready to ship you will be invoiced for this fee as well as actual shipping and box charges. Once these fees are paid your order will be shipped.

  • All orders are shipped via USPS or FedEx. Actual shipping charges will be billed, plus $7.00 per box for packing and handling.


  • Email a copy of your import permit, if applicable.

  • Phytosanitary Certificates are $120.00 per shipment. Multiple orders combined into one are only charged one Certificate fee.

  • If your country requires chemical treatment prior to shipping, an additional Agricultural Inspectors fee for chemical treatment starts at $90 per shipment, and may be higher. 

  • Handling fees are $5.00 per order. This fee is paid at the time the order is submitted.

  • Box fees are $5.00 per box.

  • Most orders will be shipped via International Priority Express Mail Service (EMS), UPS International, FedEx or DHL.

  • Larger orders can be shipped via Air Cargo upon request.

  • All orders are shipped at the responsibility of the customer.

  • International shipping charges will be billed separately once your order is ready to ship. Failure to pay your shipping charges promptly will delay your shipment.

  • International customers who choose 'Pay in Store/Wire Transfer' are required to send verification of wire transfer within 72 hours, or your order will be canceled. Note that there is a $15 charge for each international wire transfer.


HOLD ORDERS - Buy Now & Ship Later

Our HOLD - Buy Now & Ship Later service is offered to allow customers to combine multiple orders into one shipping package. This can be used to order plants when it is too hot or cold and have them all shipped together when the weather permits.  This is also a benefit for International Customers as they can take advantage of our TGIF specials without having them shipped immediately.  We can hold your orders and combine them into one and save on shipping with one Phytosanitary Certificate.

  • When placing your order choose HOLD instead of a shipping option

  • You will be charged for the plants that are ordered.

  • All orders that you choose to HOLD will be combined into one shipment once you are ready to receive your plants.

  • Please notify at least one week before your would like your orders shipped.

  • Your orders will be held for up to three months. After three months we will ship your plants and bill you for shipping charges and any other additional fees.

Please Note: Many customers have taken advantage of this service, but some have abused it to the point that some orders have been 'On Hold' for 6 months to one year. We can no longer HOLD orders beyond 3 months.

Effective immediately we will only hold your plants for a maximum of 3 months.  Once three months has passed we will notify you that your plants will be processed for shipping.  


Labels: Your order will include a plant label for each variety. If you have ordered a quantity of more than one per variety you will receive one label for the group. If you require one label for each plant, you will be billed $.10 for each additional label. If you required that the labels be attached to each plant, then the charge is $.35 for each additional label. Please make a note in your order to indicate if you would like either of these options.