Links to resources and information about Bromeliads, courtesy of the New York Bromeliad Society:


Bromeliad Pages

Bromeliad Society International

Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies

Bromeliads In Australia - a pictorial encyclopaedia of Bromeliads grown in Australia

Bromeliad Society of New South Wales, Australia

Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society, Queensland, Australia

Bromeliad Society of Germany

Bromeliad Society of Japan

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - Bromeliaceae Programs and Research - Mulford B. Foster Bromeliad Identification Center

The Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Discussion List - Brom-L

Bromeliaceae - Eric Gouda

Bromeliad Identification Page - This page can be used to put images of your unidentified species of Bromeliaceae for discussion and review by specialists on the Internet.

John Anderson - the man who likes to grow things

Symbolism of the Pineapple

Bromeliflorae - A nice page by Brian R. Speer, Dept. of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

A New Species of Tillandsia from the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. Tillandsia tragophoba - Michael O. Dillon, Curator & Head of Phanerogams, Department of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Flora of the Andes - Michael O. Dillon, Curator & Head of Phanerogams, Department of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Ecology of Coastal Bromeliaceae of Chile & Peru - Philip W. Rundel & Michael O. Dillon

Herbarium - Institute of Botany, Vienna - Home of Dr. Walter Till

Exotic Plants Gallery - Jun Matsuzono, Wild Sky, Inc.

Tillandsia/Tillandsien - Andreas Böker

Tillandsia World - a very well done site by Akira Shimazaki, in Japanese but there is enough English to help you navigate through the site, lots of great photos

San Francisco Bromeliad Society


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