Natural Hybrid

Tillandsia 'Chaca-Beast' (T. tomasellii x fasciculata, nat. hybrid, F2)

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This rare natural hybrid from Oaxaca, Mexico is a cross of T. tomasellii form of xerographica X fasciculata. Originally collected in the 1980's, we have propagated from offsets over the last 30 years. On recent visits to the locality in Oaxaca, it appears to be more slightly more abundant, and perhaps will some day will be published as a species. Plants are more than 4 feet tall when in bloom, and the spike can hold color for up to one year. Leaves are long, white and develop a pink blush, like T. tomasellii, but a little narrower. Inflorescence has multiple upright  branches red-orange to yellow-green.

  • This plant is protected by CITES and not eligible for international export.
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