Pamela Koide-Hyatt

Tillandsia Thelma O'Reilly

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(T. deppeana X achyrostachys)

This cross was made with Tillandsia deppeana as seed parent and T. achyrostachys as the pollen parent. It has foliage the color and texture of T. achyrostachys and narrow pink spikes more representative of Tillandsia deppeana.  Both species have pink spikes, one has green petals and one has light violet petals. In my experience 75% of the hybrids made with these two colored petals with produce white petals as we have here. I am naming this Thelma O'Reilly, after Thelma O'Reilly, who passed away at the age of 103. Pink was Thelma's favorite color and I think she would have loved this hybrid.

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