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Tillandsia Curly Slim (T. intermedia x streptophylla) - Dimmitt Hybrid

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Another one of Mark Dimmitt's great Tillandsia hybrids.  This one is T. intermedia X streptophylla.  Grows tall, slim and very curly. It will produces offsets on the old bloom spike as well as at the base of the plant. Very popular hybrid.

Extra Large Size are Blooming Size Plants, and just beginning to spike. These will pup and grow into large clumps quickly.

  • See my blog post about this variety to learn more. 
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2 Reviews

Sherri 20th Jul 2020


I was totally amazed at this beautiful plant, so curly and blooming. This is one of the best quality tillandsias I've ever purchased online. I've bought many bromeliads from Birdrock and haven't been disappointed in any. I also live across the country and all products are shipped right away and packaged well.

KELLY OKEEFE 14th May 2020

Just... WOW!!

I could not be happier with my first purchase from birdrock tropicals!! Honestly, the steep prices have kept me from ordering from them all of these years. Then, I stumbled upon a sale and couldn't help but gamble on these plants. They did not disappoint!! After opening the perfectly packaged plants which were clearly wrapped with care, i was amazed. Blooming curly slim with gorgeous blush and long ringlets... better than i had hoped for. Thank you so so much!!! I have this site on my daily browse schedule now :D

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