Pamela Koide-Hyatt

Tillandsia Blue Bells - (T. neglecta x Dennis)

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Another Koide hybrid, Tillandsia neglecta x araujei.  The form of T. araujei  that I used, we used to call T. araujei 'Carminea-type'. (It was later determined that it is more closely related to T. tenuifolia, and was registered by Derek Butcher as T. Dennis.).

It is a short leaved and short stemmed form, that is fuller than most. This hybrid has nice light green foliage with a caulescent stem.  It produces a light-rose colored spike with blue flowers.  Compact plant will produce offsets and grow into a nice cluster.

  • The pollen parent is Tillandsia Dennis, therefore the cross is T. neglecta X Dennis.
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