Tillandsia argentea (True species)

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This species is found growing in Cuba and Jamaica. It is confused with Tillandsia fuchsii which is from Guatemala and Mexico. The reason for the confusion is that many commercial nurseries in Guatemala have been selling Tillandsia fuchsii v. gracilis as T. argentea (since the 1980's). If you search T. argentea on the internet most of what you will find is actually T. fuchsii v. gracilis. 

  • There are distinct differences. The foliage of the true species of T. argentea is grey-white and much stiffer than that of T. fuchsii.  The wine-red inflorescence will produce crimson petals. Where as the petals of T. fuchsii are violet. This is the plant that we are offering. 
  • This species prefers warm climates and bright light. It is a slow grower and makes very few offsets.

This plant has recently been imported from a grower in Columbia as T. fuchsii 'Especialor T. fuchsii v. Alemana. We previously offered it as T. fuchsii Especial. But now that it has bloomed, I am confident that it is the true Tillandsia argentea.


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