The Beautiful Bromeliad

See Video A Growing Passion episode on Bromeliads

About A Growing Passion

A Growing Passion is an award-winning TV and online garden lifestyle program featuring one of the West’s leading garden experts, Nan Sterman. The show explores the ways California and the Southwest grow, and gives its viewers a fresh perspective by visiting farms, backyard gardens, vineyards, native habitats to green rooftops, community gardens, nurseries, and beyond.

The first episode of Season 7 features Beautiful Bromeliads:

Bromeliads are a unique group of plants with amazingly colored and patterned foliage along with vividly colored flowers. Bromeliads have evolved in some of nature's most challenging conditions, from desert to rainforest to cloud forest. Spanish moss is a bromeliad. Air plants are bromeliads, too. Discover the amazing diversity of bromeliads!