Bird Rock Tropical's Tillandsia 'Samantha' Wins Prestigious 'Glass Tulip' Award

Known as the Oscar of the European horticultural industry, the FloraHolland Glazen Tulip Award is presented each year to the most successful market introductions. This year's jury found Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ to have much "innovative value, yet still remain neutral, giving it broad appeal across many styles and tastes." Said the judges, “The Tillandsia has a definite presence, and is very decorative all by itself. It is a multi-faceted product for any home."

Developed from plants collected in Mexico in the early 80's, hybridizing the slow growing tillandia's is a life-long project that requires equal parts tenacity and patience. It was 10 years before breeder Pamela Koide Hyatt would see her original progeny finally bloom. First introduced to the flower world in 2012 when Don Billington entered T 'Samantha' in the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in London, it has caught the eye of bromeliad collectors around the world.  See our press release for more.More sources on this subject:

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