A Bromeliad Glossary

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A Bromeliad Glossary (75 pages) is a publication of the Bromeliad Society International. Originally published in 1977, this Third Edition, revised by Pamela Koide Hyatt, was published in June 2022. It is a valuable reference for anyone who subscribes to the BSI Journal and wants to understand and learn more. Besides an A-Z Glossary it includes the following:

  • Appendix I - The most common genera and pertinent information about each genus mentioned.
  • Appendix II - An up to date Bromeliad Family Chart.
  • Appendix III - Includes publications and individuals who made significant contributions to the study and discovery of Bromeliaceae.
  • Appendix IV - VII - Illustrations of Bromeliad plant, trichomes and floral details.


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Anthony Koehle 3rd Apr 2024

Must Have

A very informative reference book and a must have for any bromeliad enthusiast.

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