Mexico Nature Tours, in collaboration with Pamela Koide-Hyatt, is pleased to announce its first ever Bromeliad Sweep Eco tour in southern Mexico to take place in January, 2017.  Jeff Chemnick (owner of Mexico Nature Tours) and Pamela Koide-Hyatt (world renowned Tillandsia/Bromeliad expert) will lead a group of bromeliad enthusiasts to visit as many bromeliad species (with emphasis on the genus, Tillandsia) as possible during a 13 day (11 days in the field) botanical Eco tour through the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Chiapas.  The tentative dates are Saturday, January 7-Thursday, January 19.  The tour will begin and end in Oaxaca City. A detailed itinerary is under construction and will be available soon.  We will travel in a luxurious, 20 passenger minibus (though group size will be limited to 12 participants) with plush seats, and air-conditioning.  The tour price will include hotels, meals (and tips), beverages, transportation, fuel, guide costs, tolls, entry fees, and snacks from point of origin in Oaxaca.

January is an excellent time to visit this part of Mexico as the rainy season will be over but much of the forest will be in bloom.  Dazzling roadside displays of salvias, dahlias, composites, and other flowers will delight en route to our various destinations.  We will traverse numerous mountains and canyons in search of the many spectacular bromeliads in the region…the most botanically diverse in Mexico!  And of course, in addition to the bromeliads, we will see many other plant groups such as agaves, cactus, crassulas, cycads, palms, orchids, beaucarneas, burseras, and dasylirions.    If you have always wanted to visit southern Mexico on a botanical Eco tour…and you love tillandsias and other bromeliads---this trip is for you!

Jeff Chemnick has been leading botanical Eco tours throughout Mexico for over 30 years to show groups the most sought after plant families in the country.  Jeff, the owner/operator of Mexico Nature Tours (see, is a member of the IUCN Cycad Specialist Group and is currently co-authoring a book on the cycads of Mexico.

Pamela Koide-Hyatt is the owner/operator of Bird Rock Tropicals and has been researching tillandsias in Mexico for over 30 years.  Pamela is a world expert on the genus Tillandsia. As a grower and hybridizer, she has introduced many species and varieties into cultivation. Pamela is a frequent lecturer at national and international conferences.

For additional information and reservations, contact Jeff via email: or call Jeff: (805) 705-3397.  We are looking forward to having you aboard!