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Bird Rock Tropicals is a unique nursery.  Our climate allows us to grow many different types of bromeliads.  We have one of the largest living collections of bromeliads.   Specializing in tillandsias - we are currently propagating more than 600 species and 225 hybrids of tillandsias.

Our Bromeliad production includes Aechmeas, Bilbergias, Cryptanthus, Neoregelias, Vrieseas and several other genera.   There is something for everyone from the beginner to the serious collector. 

Our orchid growing has largely consisted of species.  Since 1990, we have branched into many different hybrids, with emphasis on brassia, masdevallia, miltonia, oncidium, odontoglossum, and zygopetalum.  Our orchids are available in many different sizes from seedlings to mature blooming plants.  For other growers we have a limited number of flasks, liners and  2"-3" pots available.



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The real Bird Rock is a rock in the Pacific Ocean just west of the community of Bird Rock, south La Jolla, CA.  It is here where our nursery had its humble beginnings.   Bird Rock Tropicals was started in 1981 as a small backyard specialty nursery.  Over the years we have grown and since 1986 we have been located in Carlsbad, CA.    We have had the fortune of always being within 1-1 1/2 miles of the Pacific Ocean.  This has provided us the best climate for growing bromeliads and orchids.

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